Sunday, 29 July 2012

July 20 - 29

Day 29 - The last thing I bought. An oil heater! Since our ducted system blew up!

Day 28 - Cup. Many many pretty tea cups @ T2.

Day 27 - On the road. Lots of traffic on the M5.

Day 26 - Sunshine. Beautiful day!

Day 25 - Heart. The dogs really do love each other!!

Day 24 - Stranger.

Day 23 - Mirror.

Day 22 - Upside down. Malls Balls!!

Day 21 - 9 O'clock. All tucked in bed and reading.

Day 20 - Eyes. Photo of "Mojo" by the ever so talented Benjamin Liew!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Suffering in silence


Anyone who has suffered from this debilitating illness would know that they're not nice to have at all.

Feeling nauseous, blurred vision and the absolutely stabbing pain in the back of your skull which runs up the side of your face to the back of your eyes.

Recently I have been suffering from migraines on a monthly basis....sometimes fortnightly and it sucks. It totally sucks. Normally I can feel the migraine coming on. There is really nothing I can do to stop it and once it's hit there's not much I can do to make it go away. The only thing that makes the pain subside is panadiene, and now this is starting to have little effect.

This week I started getting a migraine on Tuesday afternoon at work. I drank more water hoping it would go away. Once I got home from work I had a relaxing bath, took some pills and went to bed. Wednesday morning I woke up with a slight headache but it wasn't too bad. It was my first day of TAFE which I couldn't miss so I dragged myself out of bed trying to forget the pain and pretend everything was normal. I lasted until about 3pm when I had to go home. Once I got home I went to bed. My fantastic husband got some panadiene from the pharmacy because I couldn't find any in the house!! He also cooked me dinner, but because of the nausea I didn't feel like eating at all, but I knew I had to eat something so I jammed in some bangers and mash.

I couldn't even sit up and watch my favourite show, masterchef. We have another tv in our spare bedroom so I set myself up in there so I could lay down and watch tv. My hubby came to join me and then left me to try and sleep.

Thismorning I woke up hoping that my migraine was gone, but no. My neck is still still and sore and the left side of my face aches. I have tried to sleep it off but I'm still suffering.

I try hard to get on with my normal daily life but sometimes it just gets too hard. I know a few other people who suffer from migraines on a regular basis and I know they too feel like they suffer in silence. You can't see migraines and if you haven't had one before you can't understand the pain that migraine sufferers go through.

My heart goes out to all who suffer migraines because I too suffer and I know EXACTLY how debilitating they can be!

July 11 - 19

Day 19 - animal/insect/pet. My beautiful sleeping poochies!

Day 18 - Plate. Bike number plate.

Day 17 - Your addiction. CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 16 - Sign.

Day 15 - Finger. Newborn puppies foot is as small as my figner!

Day 14 - Building

Day 13 - Open. Doggie mouth open wide!

Day 12 - Texture. Bluberries and yoghurt!

Day 11 - Letter.

Friday, 13 July 2012

BP has gone

Today was my first full day back at work after having a full week off.

During my time off I flew up to Darwin with a friend to spend some time with another friend who moved to Darwin 4.5years ago and I always said I'd visit. (Hey, I eventually got there!)

It was a lovely week off. Swimming, having a few cocktails, reading and overall relaxing and not thinking about work.

Yesterday I had half a day at our Ingleside shelter and got filled in with most of the gossip. It's amazing how much can happen when you have a week off!!!

If you have read my blog previously you should remember a story of mine My BFF, Blackie Penty.

I found out that whilst I was away in Darwin, Blackie got taken away into foster. I knew it was happening and I knew it was happening soon, but I can't help but feel a bit shafted.

I didn't get to say Goodbye.

Blackie has been like one of my own and now I feel as though he's just been taken away from underneath me and no one has even thought about how I'd feel. Last time I went away it was decided he was going into foster, and now whilst I was away he was taken. I can't help but think maybe someone...I don't know who, maybe it's a collective agreement.... but I think that it was decided this would happen whilst I was away so I couldn't put up a fight.

June 29 - July 10

Day 10 - Your favourite colour. PINK!

Day 9 - Big. A BIG yawn from Kitty.

Day 8 - Lunch. Take away chinese! YUM

Day 7 - Garden.

Day 6 - Chair. The chair that had to move out of the way for our bed to come in!

Day 5 - On the floor. My clothes waiting to be packed into their suitcase to Darwin!

Day 4 - Fun. All the nieces having fun with Uncle J

Day 3 - Best part of your day. Having my husband come home for lunch with me on my day off.

Day 2 - Busy. All my fur kids that keep me very busy!!

July 1 - Self Portrait

Day 30 - Friend. My best friend, Mintie.

Day 29 - Soft. Soft shell tacos for dinner!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Todays Story

"Excuse me!"

Her body hung limp in his arms.

"She's been hit by a car."

I asked the gentleman to take a seat as I went and got the vet.

"She's gone, she's gone!" I heard the gentleman cry as I told the vet that we had an emergency just arrive.

I went over to the dog, slumped in her owners arms. I lifted her lip to look at the colour of her gums, extremely pale and her tongue was blue. I touched the corner of her eye to see if there was any reaction, nothing.

The man sobbed as I went and got a stethoscope.

As I knelt down to listen for a heartbeat I saw a small twitch in her front leg. Maybe she is alive? I thought to myself.

"I'm sorry, I can't find a heartbeat, I will get the vet to double check but I think she's gone." I honestly don't know how I managed to utter those words without crying myself.

I walked back into the consult room and mentioned to the vet that I thought the dog was dead. He grabbed the stethoscope from me and went out to where the gentleman sat, sobbing with his dog in his arms.

As I had suspected, she was gone.

I comforted the owner and we spoke about what to do next. He left, leaving his beloved pooch behind.

Working in a veterinary clinic always has its ups and downs. Todays events were certainly one of the downs. Sometimes it really affects me, sometimes I hardly bat an eyelid. Today it affected me. Seeing two grown men cry over the loss of their much loved dog is quite sad.

It made me think about my dogs and what it would be like if they were to suddenly leave me. It made me think about the guy who hit the dog and kept driving. It made me think about responsible pet ownership and keeping your pet safe and secure.

Who's fault was it that the dog was hit? The driver? The dog? The owner?

If you have any opinions or stories, share them with me. I would love to hear them! I can already feel another post coming ownership.......